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Social responsibility and corporate core business:
an integration which adds value

Thanks to its Corporate Social Responsibility Progold has taken a commitment towards society as a whole which mirrors what we are and what we want to become.

With our Social Responsibility policy we want to formalize our commitment in acting a responsible manufacturer and our promise for continuous improvement.
Our corporate Social responsibility is a core element of Progold’s business model and has become increasingly relevant. The target is to integrate Social Responsibility in our corporate activity thanks to our daily actions and our ability to communicate them.

Progold believes that only awareness and well mastered practices can give a real contribution to sustainable development encouraging all stakeholders to do more than simply respecting the law. The development which meets our present needs must not undermine the possibility of meeting the needs of future generations.

Feeling such responsibility means being able to evaluate the impact of our decisions and actions on society and the environment thanks to an ethical and clear conduct.

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