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Our commitments involve all production lines, all activities and all suppliers because their daily practices have an effect on our company image and credibility. Progold closely works with all its stakeholders to foster them to share and help them meet our criteria.

Sales ethics

We undertake to carry out and manage our business paying the utmost attention to ethical norms, ensuring integrity, transparency and compliance with the laws in place.
We will not practise any form of corruption.
We will not tolerate money laundering and/or sponsoring any terrorist activities. Commit ourselves the Know your Customer activity and to respect laws and regulations in place.
We undertake to make the characteristics of the products we sell available in detail.
We undertake to adopt proper measures to ensure integrity and safety of the products we ship.
We undertake to respect privacy and the protection of private data.
We shall carry out the utmost supervision of our supply chain, especially with regard to the supply of gold and palladium.
Social performance

We believe in and undertake to support fundamental Human Rights and dignity of the individual, pursuant to the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
We undertake to fight against child labour.
We undertake not to use any form of hard labour, labour on bail, with contractual obligation or with prisoners and not to limit the freedom of movement of employees and subordinate workers.
We are committed in ensuring high health and safety standards at our premises and in our business.
We undertake not to carry out any form of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, caste, country of origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, union membership, pregnancy, political affiliation, marital status, appearance, age or other restriction not allowed in the workplace so that all people “fit to work” can enjoy equal opportunities without any discrimination based on factors not linked with their ability to carry out their job.
We undertake not to resort to corporal punishments in any circumstance and forbid any use of demeaning treatments, harassments, abuses, coercion or any form of intimidation.
We undertake to respect the laws in place concerning working hours and pay and where no requirements are provided for by law, we shall follow the predominant norms in place in the sector.
We undertake to support the development of the local communities we work in and contribute to the economic and social welfare.
Environmental performance

We undertake to reduce the use of toxic substances in production.
We undertake to reduce the negative impact of our activity on the environment to the lowest level possible.
We undertake to dispose of the waste in a responsible way.
We undertake to reduce the consumption of paper, water and energy.
Management systems

We intend to adhere to the laws in place and publicly declare our commitment in respecting RJC Principles and Norms of Procedure.
We intend to evaluate our risks, including risks which may arise from our business partners. For this reason we are going to implement systems to manage and improve norms and ethical procedures for the respect of human rights and social and environmental principles.
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