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Progold Genia Lux Flexia Pura Unibrax Xilver Platina
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Main characteristics

  • high deformations during cold working can be obtained by reducing the number of the annealing steps;
  • the production of chains, earrings, hollow bracelets is made easy thanks to the particular resistance to corrosion;
  • a better control of the grain growth during annealing is done possible;
  • the "orange peel" phenomenon is reduced;
  • the scraps can be cast several times with very much reduced embrittlement phenomena;
  • the size of the grain is kept under control during casting by continuous casting;
  • drastic reduction of shrinkage porosity and very reflective smooth surfaces;
  • high mechanical resistance;
  • reduction of Nickel release in the white gold master alloys;
  • some articles particularly suitable for hardening are available.
The certainty of excellence

Versatile: GENIA®'s family is a wide range of universal master alloys planned for mechanical working and, for some of them, for casting.

Exclusive formula: GENIA® guarantees a fine grain microstructure which improves their characteristics and ensures appreciable advantages to the production.

Successful: nothing is able to be so performing in any possible working condition. For eight years and more, Genia is undoubtedly the queen of Progold's master alloys all over the world.

GENIA® is available for yellow gold, white Nickel gold, white gold both Nickel- and Palladium- free, red gold, silver.

It is now available GENIA® plus as well, a further specialization of GENIA®'s family. GENIA® Plus keeps unaltered both all the peculiar features of the belonging range, ensuring an excellent stability of its behaviour. But it is made perfect by particular microalloying elements, allowing to achieve a high final quality with an action aimed to remove any kind of defect from the surface. Discover how in our new catalogue!

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