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Progold Genia Lux Flexia Pura Unibrax Xilver Platina
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Main characteristics

  • fine grain
  • moderate grain growth during annealing
  • aptitude for hardening
  • optimal resistance to corrosion
A solution to the specialistic workings

Specialized: FLEXIA®'s family is a wide range of master alloys purposely planned for mechanical working.

Flexible: the particular chemical elements contained in their formula reduce the trend for grain growth during heat treatments.

Resistant: The semi-finished products made using FLEXIA® are the starting point for the production of jewels which may be more beautiful, brughter and more resistant along the years.

FLEXIA® is the top for rolled sections, drawn wires, deep-drawn, blockings and machined pieces

FLEXIA® master alloys are available for yellow gold, white Nickel or Palladium gold, red gold, green gold and silver.

It is now available FLEXIA® Plus as well, a specialization of FLEXIA®'s family. FLEXIA® plus was enriched by grain refiners, which help it to be more performing if compared with a traditional alloy. Discover how in our new catalogue!

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