LAPX®: for high
precision soldering

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LAPX® Features


High Efficiency

Save time with certified and ready-to-use welding tips.

Easy To Use

Its ergonomic and lightweight design ensures excellent precision and quality.

Impeccable Results

No soldering marks thanks to perfect color matching between the tips and your jewelry.

LAPX®: the best tool for laser soldering

LAPX® is designed with a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium body, featuring an ergonomic design that ensures comfort and ease of handling. Its graphite tip prevents overheating during prolonged laser use. With the manual dispenser, it ensures precise alloy delivery at the point of interest. The LAPX® pen operates with 0.35mm wires.

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LAPX® wires: Colour Never Closer to Your Jewels

The LAPX® wires, designed by Progold to ensure maximum laser absorption and a seamlessly integrated colour with your jewellery, offer unparalleled post-fusion brilliance. Ready to use and certified, with a diameter of 0.35mm, they conceal every flaw in your jewellery. Crafted with ethical gold, silver, and platinum, following the high standards of RJC and CoC, all metals used are sourced from recycled materials, guaranteeing a 100% sustainable end product.

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