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    INHORGENTA MUNICH - From 14 to 17 February

    Progol3D® will attend INHORGENTA MUNICH, International Trade Fair fro Jewelry, Watches, Design, Gemstones and Technology. Meet us at STAND 120, Hall A2.
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    XBRAX219: the lowest melting point, ever! Just 278°C!

    The special recipe of XBRAX219 (75% by weight of 800‰ gold powder) guarantees high stability during the process. The product is naturally developed to offer the best solder paste for electroformed items which are characterized by very low thickness walls, so that it is critical to set a proper soldering. In addiction to that, local melting of electroformed
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    WINNERS of the 3rd Progol3D® Design Contest - 2019 Edition

    The 3rd Progol3D® Design Contest 2019 has ended! Follow the link, explore the 3D printed jewels by Progol3D® Service Bureau and *LOOK AT* THE WINNERS! 30 students of IED Turin and Kostroma State University, one theme: “THE ANIMAL KINGDOM & CITIES AS CATHEDRALS OF URBAN SOCIETY DIRECT PRECIOUS METAL 3D PRINTED JEWERLY PIECES”
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    Progol3D® and Kostroma State University

    In addition to the traditional collaboration with IED Turin, IED Torino - Design del Gioiello - Accessori, we have opened our Progol3D® Design Contest to the students from KOSTROMA STATE UNIVERSITY (http://ksu.edu.ru/) The talents of italian jewelry design and young Russian design students will match with each other. Target: create unique jewels that enhance the advantages of direct metal hashtag#3dprinting. Stay tuned and find out more on www.progol3d.com
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    Progold and quality: UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

    Quality, continuous improvement, efficiency and organizational effectiveness are the tenets of our philosophy of life. With great success we have aligned our quality standards with the recent UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. This is a small but big step to respond consistently and exhaustively to our customers' expectations.
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    New PATENT concession by EU

    We are glad to announce that PROGOLD S.p.A was given a new patent concession by the EU: “USE OF GOLD POWDER ALLOYS FOR MANUFACTURING JEWELRY ITEMS BY SELECTIVE LASER MELTING” A new milestone for jewelry innovation, a new milestone for our company.