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  • NEW! Potential and Innovation of the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Technique in Platinum Jewelry Production
    Santa Fe Symposium 2018
  • NEW! Understanding Gold Alloy Features from Thermodynamic Phenomena
    Santa Fe Symposium 2018
  • Why Should We Direct 3D Print Jewelry? A comparison between Two Toughts: Today and Tomorrow
    Santa Fe Symposium 2017
  • Direct 3D Metal Printing: A Trip through New Opportunities and Innovative Alloys
    Santa Fe Symposium 2016
  • Definition and solidity of gold and platinum jewels produced using SLM™ technology
    Santa Fe Symposium 2015
  • Optimization of SLM Technology Main Parameters in the Production of Gold and Platinum Jewelry
    Santa Fe Symposium 2014
  • Optimisation of the Main SLM Technology Parameters in the Production of Gold Jewellery
    Santa Fe Symposium 2013
  • Latest developments in Selective Laser Melting production of gold jewellery
    Santa Fe Symposium 2012
  • Characterization of 14 ct Gold Alloys
    Santa Fe Symposium 2011
  • Characterization of 9, 10, 14 and 18 ct Gold Alloys
    Santa Fe Symposium 2010
  • Evaluation of Hot Tearing in 925‰ Silver Alloys
    Santa Fe Symposium 2009
  • Hard spots: a trip through ambiguity
    Santa Fe Symposium 2008
  • Tarnish phenomena of silver: chemical interactions and analysis methods
    Santa Fe Symposium 2007
  • Main causes of hard spots growth
    Jeweller Expo Ukraine 2006
  • Fineness homogeneity in gold alloy castings
    Santa Fe Symposium 2006
  • The role of silicon in investment casting. A study of the reactivity of various metals with the inv.
    Santa Fe Symposium 2005
  • Hardenable 22 carats gold alloys
    World Gold Council - Vicenza - 2004
  • The colour of the gold alloys
    Day Conference AIM - Arezzo - 2004
  • 14 Carat Red Gold Alloys for Investment Casting
    Day Conference AIM - Vicenza - 2004
  • Defects analysis and classification of the most common problems in the production processes of gold alloys
    Progold LAB
  • Comparison of different methods used to establish recrystallization conditions of gold alloys
    Santa Fe Symposium 2003
  • Planning the feeding system in investment casting processes
    Progold LAB