Progold alloys and master alloys

Master alloys for jewelry and laser 3D printing

Every acti​​vity is an essential gear to make the machine work perfectly​
The great variety of Progold's products guarantees answers for the needs of worldwide clients. Each product derives from important research in our laboratories and is validated with different tests and quality control checks. We certify each product and we guarantee its reliability.
Progold believes in innovation and thus is inspired each day by the enthusiasm of research. Explor​ing new borders, understanding cause and effect. The research and development of the product represents one of the core activity of Progold's business model. The dedicated laboratory, that has the most modern analysis instruments, and the competency of the research team make Progold an important reference point for the development of customer's projects
Progold: people next to you. The value of collaboration with Progold is not based only on supplying high quality products but is also based on the competency and reliability of our team. The findings of solutions is the consequences of high synergy between supplier and customer. This synergy represents Progold's proposal of value: experience and empathy, for a shared growth.
Progold has at disposition resources that are prepared to give support to our customers in all phases of their production process. The role of customer care becomes necessary to optimize the use of Progold's products for the need of production processes. Taking care of our customers and give them a satisfaction is our satisfaction.​